Figures15mm: Prices From:25/28mm: Prices From:
HeraldryFoot - 50p
Mounted - £1.00
Foot - £1.00
Mounted - £2.00
Vehicles (Painting)£5.00£10.00
Vehicles Construction in addition to paintingfrom: £2.00from: £4.00
German Late-war Camouflage 1944 - 1945 and Other Special Camouflage Schemes+£1.00+£2.50
Fantasy Animals£3.00£6.00
Sci-Fi Vehicles£6.00£12.00
Basing for figures painted by Feronia Figure Painting +10%+10%
Basing Figures if Pre-painted figures are supplied/per figure.50p£1.00


Heraldry includes items such as, Roman shields and WW2 German camouflage.

The cost of vehicle construction is dependent on complexity and difficulty of modelling kit.

Chariots/Elephants will be quoted for separately.

Please contact me for quotes in other scales and for items not covered above.

Postage and packing not included.

For a quote, drop me an email

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