I have always been enthusiastic about painting and have been painting for nearly 40 years, so what better way to show my enjoyment of this hobby than to turn it into a full time job and paint for a living.

Founded in 2011, Feronia Figure Painting has only one level of painting, so if you want me to paint Medieval knights or a dinosaur, the standard will be the same, I only produce figures that I would be proud to use and put on the table. Feronia also offers basing services. Please check the pricing page for my competitive prices.

I have painted for a number of different manufacturers, including Hinds Figures, Museum Miniatures (take a look at the LA and WW range) and also Wargames Design Workshop. All of which can be seen on their websites.

The miniatures I specialise in are Ancients, Renaissance, World War 2, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I’m am happy to paint hard-plastics miniatures and models as well as metal.